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Start Date:
1st September 2020
Return Date:
14th September 2020
14 Days
Tour Type:
Agricultural Tours

Queensland, Australia is a tropical paradise located in the north east corner of Australia and boasts tropical rain forests, warm sunshine, long sandy beeches, fruit production, cattle country and some of the best sunsets in the world.

This tour provides a unique opportunity to travel and stay in remote areas of The Outback of Queensland. The distances to be travelled, the accomodation and style of food on some occasions may be different from what you have come to expect on more conventional tours, but the chance to meet with the locals and to see these remote areas far outweighs any minor inconveniences and will leave you with life-long memories as you explore the world of the Aussie cowboy. 

This tour is taken in conjunction with Australian and New Zealand farmers and is led by Scott Perkins, who grew up on a sheep operation, has experience across a range of agricultural enterprises. 

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