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Start Date:
14th April 2020
Return Date:
23rd April 2020
10 Days
Tour Type:
Agricultural Tours

Italy is one of the most exciting destinations in the world, full of history, culture and character. The country caters for all types of tourists due to its spectacular scenery including the Alps peaking above 3,000 metres, lush blue lakes with Lake Garda in the north being the biggest and over 4,700 miles of beautiful coastline.

As part of the tour, we will join American farmers and travel from Milan in the north to Cremona and Bologna, spend time in the romantic city of Florence, Lucca and the medieval city, Perugia.

Technical visits will include a cheese factory, fruit farm, oil mill, beef operations, vineyards with tasting and a unique dairy farm to sample the milk for skin creams.

 In addition, enjoy guided tours of Italy's magnificent towns and cities such as Pisa and Florence and visit various attractions such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Ferrari Museum. Discover different types of virgin olive oils at an oil mill, enjoy wine tasting and take part in a cooking class in the heart of Florence which is said to be a memorable experience!

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