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Start Date:
23rd March 2020
Return Date:
4th April 2020
13 Days
Tour Type:
Agricultural Tours

Peru in western South America, extends for 1,500 miles along the Pacific Ocean and is bordered by Ecuador in the north, Bolivia and Brazil in the east and Chile in the south. It is divided by The Andes Mountains into three zones - the fertile western coastline, the central mountains with lofty peaks and deep valleys and the dense forests of the Amazon.

Agricultural production is split into 2 entities. There are large private estates and holdings which enjoy huge production capacity and traditional small subsistence farming, producing just enough for a family to live on. Our tour will explore the farming economy with visits to fruits, cereals, coffee, wine, cocoa, vegetables and livestock.

This tour will also enable you to see the wonders of the Inca Empire, see Machu Picchu  and Lake Titicaca. With a spectacular journey across the top of The Andes Mountain range and time in the capital Lima, the tour offers the best of Peru. 

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