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Costa Rica & Panama
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Start Date:
7th January 2020
Return Date:
18th January 2020
11 Days
Tour Type:
Agricultural Tours

Set between Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south, the Caribbean Sea on the east coast and the Pacific Ocean on the west, Costa Rica is known as 'Switzerland of Central America' due to its comfortable life style, peaceful democracy (does not have an army) and natural beauty. Its progressive environmental policies have made Costa Rica the only country to meet all five criteria of environmental sustainability and in 2009 it was ranked the 'greenest country in the world'.

The optional extension to Panama includes The Panama Canal which opened in 1914 introducing the American farmer's products to the world. It is said that the Panama Canal handles 3 out of every 10 bushels of grain and soybean exports from the United States. Panama enjoys a vibrant economy and agriculture contiues to also be an important sector producing bananas, cocoa beans, coffee, coconut, beef, chicken, shrimp and others. Panama is much more than a canal, with a rich cultural tradition, genuine and welcoming people, delicious cuisine and fantastic birds and wildlife. 

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