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United Arab Emirates and Oman
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Start Date:
8th March 2020
Return Date:
19th March 2020
12 Days
Tour Type:
Agricultural Tours

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates, the most well-known of which are Abu Dhabi and Dubai, established in 1971. 

Arrive into Dubai, the city with the highest bulding in the world and enjoy a visit to Miracle Garden, the worlds biggest flower garden. Continue to visit an oasis in the desert where we will see the traditional farming techniques with hydroponics and watering. In addition, visit a camel market, an Arabian horse stud farm, a fish market and a national dairy farm with 600 Holstein-Freisian and 1000 goats.

The optional extension to Oman offers the chance to explore one of the most ancient civilisations on the Arab Peninsular with histrotical forts and towns dating back to the millenia.

Your tour manager for UAE leg of the tour will be Fiona Sloan. The Oman extension will not be supported by a tour leader, but you will be fully escorted by a local tour guide. 

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